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Calabogie Peaks Resort

30 Barrett Chute Road, Box 90
Calabogie, Ontario, K0J 1H0

Toll Free:    1-800-669-4861
Local:          (613) 752-2720
Fax:            1-877-533-5170

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General Info

Gates Open

Friday 4PM

 Saturday 11AM

Sunday 11AM

What to Bring

Bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, small backpack or small bag, blanket, small camping chairs, rain gear, digital or disposable camera and one personal refillable (empty) environmentally friendly water bottle is permitted. Small generators may be used in the camping area between 9:00am and 9:00pm.

Wrist Bands

When you arrive you will be provided with a wrist band that must be worn at all times during the festival. The wrist bands are made to withstand a weekend, and lost wrist bands will not be replaced. Festival guests who are campig for the weekend will wear a wrist band that allows access to the camp grounds, and only guests with a camping wrist band will be able to enter the camping area.
We also provide Age Verified wrist bands after confirming identification that may be required for the purchasee of alcohol.
Wrist bands must not be exchanged or transferred to other guests. 

Alcohol Consumption

Festival staff may ask for identification to confirm age of majority, and will also provide Age Verified wrist bands.
Campers are allowed personal alcohol at their camp site, however, alcohol cannot be brought into the festival grounds. Plastic or aluminum containers are allowed in the campinga area.

What Not to Bring

The following items will not be allowed anywhere at the festival:

  • Glass containers or bottles
  • Balloons
  • Illegal substances and paraphernalia
  • Bicycles, scooters, or ATV’s
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Orofessional cameras
  • Pets, with the exception of approved service animals

The following items are not allowed inside the fenced concert area:

  • Outside food or beverages
  • Tents
  • Coolers or camelbacks
  • Frisbees or balls

Parking Lot

Our parking lot attendants will help you to find your way and situate your vehicle in the appropriate area. There are dedicated spaces for handicapped guests and motorcycles. The parking lot is not a licensed area, and such the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. In addition, preparation or sale of food items is not allowed in the parking lot.


Site security will be provided by licensed security personnel, staff, volunteers and the Ontario Provincial Police as required. Entrances and exits to the festival grounds are monitored and guests will be screened to ensure compliance with Ontario Liquor License requirements and festival rules to protect the safety and security of the guests. Guests will be checked at entry points for valid wrist bands, and prohibited products or substances will be confiscated.
The headquarters for security is in the green building directly across from the base lodge west entrance labelled "Volunteer HQ".


Your well-being is important to us, and there will be representatives from St. John's Ambulance and the Calabogie Professional Snow Patrol to provide guests with medical attention if required. Our First Aid area is in the building directly west of the base lodge main entry labelled "Volunteer HQ".
We will respect those who need to bring medication into the festival area, please have documentation on hand indicating this special need.

In Case of Emergency

If there is an emergency, guests should call 911.
The Calabogie Peaks Emergency Number: 613.752.2720 x 1604.
In case of emergency, find a staff member with a radio, security person, information booth or medical station.

Music and Noise

We all want to enjoy the festival, but please refrain from making excessive noise or playing music at your camp site between midnight and 9:00am.

Cameras/Video/Audio Recording Equipment

Cameras with lenses 75mm or over or other audio visual equipment (eg. video cameras) are not allowed to be brought into the concert without the appropriate working media credential. Personal photography or video may not be used to reproduce the concert or its images for commercial purposes.

Code of Conduct

 The following actions can result in a warning or ejection:

  • Irresponsible use of alcohol
  • Public nudity or obscene clothing
  • Accessing seated/restricted areas without proper passes
  • Taunting, abusive or disruptive language and obscene gestures

If an individual participating in this behavior is uncooperative or a persistent offender, he/she will be removed from the festival site and festival wrist band revoked. If staying in the tenting/RV area, the RV will be removed from the property. In certain situations, the offender may be arrested.

The following actions will result in immediate ejection and may result in arrest:

  • Urinating in public (anywhere other than a proper restroom)
  • Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort to anyone
  • Possession/use of illegal drugs
  • Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property

An individual participating in this behavior will be removed from the festival site and festival wrist band revoked. If staying in the tenting/RV area, the RV will be removed from the property.

By purchasing this admission ticket you are agreeing to the terms set by the Calabogie Blues & Ribfest.